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Car Washing Shampoo, Diesel Exhaust Fluid Oil, Hydraulic And Circulating Oils, etc., at best prices are available here..
About Us

There are many various types of lubricants available in the market which are widely used in several of the key industries, such as cosmetic, automobiles, textile, electric & power generation, pharmaceutical, steel, rubber, general engineering, etc. Our company, Lubstar Lubricants Private Limited has been working to deliver our high quality lubricants in the aforementioned industries. In the year 2013, we opened our company and have since been a prominent manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of a wide range of lubricants. Hydraulic And Circulating Oils, Diesel Engine Oils, Diesel Exhaust Fluid Oil, Heat Transfer Fluids, High Temperature Greases, Desk Board Cleaner, etc., are part of our high quality product range. After the precise manufacturing process of the products, we ensure that they are tested according to the highest quality standards. Moreover, our lubricants have a precise viscosity index as well as long shelf life and conform with international norms (API) & guidelines.

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Customer Satisfaction

As a company focused on ensuring the satisfaction of customers according to their individual preferences, we have secured a great market presence. We emphasize on achieving satisfaction of our customers at all times, starting from the initial phase of placing orders until they are properly fulfilled. Moreover, these are several core components that represent our customer satisfaction strategies:

  • We accurately understand the customer requirements and prioritize on fulfilling them at the earliest.
  • We always maintain ethical business principles when serving our precious customers.
  • We keep the costs of our products, relatively inexpensive than the other businesses in the market.
  • We ensure that all customer orders are finished efficiently and within the prescribed amount of time.

Maintaining Quality

Quality will always be a key focus for a company which deals with lubricants. In the same way, we are committed to delivering quality-assured products to our respectable customers since the beginning of our company. Over the time, we have become highly respected as we strive to ensure that our entire range of lubricants which includes Diesel Exhaust Fluid Oil, High Temperature Greases, Hydraulic And Circulating Oils, Desk Board Cleaner, Diesel Engine Oils, Heat Transfer Fluids, etc., is meeting the highest quality standards. To maintain the highest quality levels, we have a professionally trained quality management team which helps us conducting a variety of quality checks before we deliver the goods to the customers.

Why We?

The reason why most of the customers trust us is because we provide them lubricants which have the following characteristics:
  • Great formulation.
  • Heat Resistance.
  • Good stability.
  • Utmost purity.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Excellent performance in all diverse conditions.